Hannah Nystrom Ph.D.

Choosing a therapist and beginning psychotherapy are huge steps. There are so many therapists and therapies, especially here in the Bay Area, that just getting started can feel overwhelming. Where and how do you start? People may have suggested certain styles of therapy to you, or you may just have some vague sense of what you aren’t looking for! Your choices here really matter as psychotherapy can be a major life investment with huge dividends— including stronger relationships, a better sense of oneself, a greater feeling of being an active part of the world, and on and on. I believe these dividends are most likely to be reaped if you are in the right treatment for you. It’s great to know what others think, and I encourage you to gather as much information as is helpful, but ultimately, your treatment needs to fit you.  

In my offices I meet with adolescents, adults and couples who are suffering from a wide range of problems including: depression, anxiety, artistic blocks, work stress, communication breakdowns, fertility issues, adoption issues, eating disorders, substance issues, parenting concerns and dating frustrations. I also meet with people who aren’t exactly sure what the trouble is but know that life is supposed to feel better than it does, who feel distressed that they keep having the same trouble over and over again—perhaps continually dating people who take you back instead of forward, or repeatedly landing in jobs that don’t fit. I meet with people one or more times per week during the course of treatment. Sessions are 50 minutes in length. Longer sessions can sometimes be arranged. Together we determine what makes the most sense for you and we reevaluate as time goes on and circumstances change.

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Hannah Nystrom Ph.D.

Licenses Clinical Psychologist

Lic. #PSY18632